10 Cheap Vacation Destinations If You’re Young, Broke And Want To Travel The World

1. Albania

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Albania has incredible beaches along its coastline for only a portion of a price of a common European beach vacation to Sicily or the Greek Islands! Accommodation is so cheap that it starts at only $5.

2. Mazatlan, Mexico

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The exchange rate is $1 for 20.69 Mexican pesos. Mazatlan is not super touristy like other Mexican destinations and is the shrimp capital of Mexico! Food is very cheap because it’s in Sinaloa, which grows the majority of produce in Mexico.

3. Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica, the National parks only cost a few bucks to visit! Once you go to a park, you can hike, walk and explore for free! The public transport system is also amazingly cheap, the beaches are gorgeous, and the food is pretty cheap too!

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

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If you’re on a budget, go to Puerto Rico during the off-season, which is anywhere from the end of April through mid-December. No passport and no currency exchange are required because Puerto Rico is a U.S territory!

5. Belize

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Go to Belize for a perfect romantic getaway! Many of their 4-star hotels aren’t even $100 every night and they usually include extra perks like bike rentals and local wine. You and you significant other can eat at an upscale restaurant for less than $30!

6. Lisbon, Portugal

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Go to Lisbon during mid-spring to early fall for the best flight deals! A bottle of wine and an entree can be bought for around €5 each. This is the perfect time to travel to Europe because the dollar is so high against the euro.

7. Hanoi, Vietnam

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If you choose to go to Vietnam for vacation, make sure you visit in late December so you feel the amazing weather. Vietnam will present you with cheaper than average upscale accommodations, cheap and healthy food and gorgeous sights.

8. Crete, Greece

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With the American dollar so high against the euro right now, combined with their pretty bad economic crisis, visiting Greece is cheaper than average. Crete has the best seafood possible and they nearly invented the idea of “farm-to-table”.

9. Cuba

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The greatest months to travel to Cuba are sometime between September to November and January to March. Go before everything becomes super Americanized and commercial! Visit Airbnb for cheaper places to visit because hotels there are overpriced and high priced. Make sure to study a little bit before you travel there for advice on ways to save a few bucks and travel on the cheap road.

10. Buenos Aires

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In Buenos Aires, you can visit the park, take a walk and fall in love with the French-inspired architecture and dance all night! You can eat cheap and taxis will only cost around $5-$8. You could also travel by foot and walk all of the different neighborhoods, like Palermo.