10 Creepy Photos That Were Taken In Hospital

The world is filled with eerie and mysterious things that we can’t explain. From large mysterious monsters living in the ocean, ghosts, and even demons walking our earth. There are quite a few ominous things we simply can’t get our heads around. There are actually a few people in the world who believe that ghosts, demons, and monsters exist, and obviously, there are some people who don’t believe it at all.

But there have been so many ghost sightings, perhaps there is some truth in it after all? It seems like most sightings of ghosts are in places like old houses, mansions, or even abandoned buildings like hospitals.

It’s believed that ghosts occur whenever there is an overwhelming amount of bad energy, so it makes sense that there are some sightings in these areas. I’ve collected some of the creepiest, scariest, and convincing photos of hospitals, that will give you chills.

It might be a good idea if you read this during the day, or at night with the light on… Enjoy and try not to get too spooked!

Before And After

Those of you who can’t tell, this is an overlaid photo of the hospital when it was first opened, and when it was later closed and abandoned.

Demon Visitor

The nurse spotted this dark figure on a patients bed through CCTV. She didn’t know who or what it was. But, the patient in the bed was found dead later that night. Maybe it was a deathly visitor ridiculing the soon to be dead?

Watching Over You

Maybe it’s a spirit of a nurse or doctor looking over the patient while they sleep?

Oh, Christmas Tree

Nothing is creepier than seeing a light shine in an ’empty’ deserted building.

Something Wanted Out…

I wonder what was trying to claw its way out… Hopefully nothing evil.

The Shadow Man

I truly hope that’s one of the camera man’s buddies playing a prank on us. I’d hate for it to be a ghost or a serial killer hiding.

Underground Tunnels

Some hospitals use tunnels to dispose of unclaimed bodies. Some asylums even had tunnels that led to a cremation chamber.

Lonely Little Boy

That boy seems to be very lonely. Will you be his new friend?


A lot of fascinating remains are often left behind.

Children At Play

This was captured at a children’s asylum.

What do you think about these odd and spooky photos? Hopefully you weren’t too spooked!