10 Secret Fears that Most Men Never Confess To Women

Men are typically thought of as being strong, stoic, and fearless. But, believe it or not, men have fears too.

While you may like to think of your boyfriend or husband as being your big, strong rock in your relationship, it’s also helpful to know that he’s a living, feeling human. He may not be afraid of the spiders you make him trap and get rid of, but there are a few things that bother him… he may just never admit to them.

1. Being the breadwinner


Today’s culture is set on trying to break gender norms. But that doesn’t mean they’re not still engrained in our minds. Men used to be the sole breadwinner in the family. So, it’s natural that he’d worry about money and providing for his family today.

2. Not being strong enough

As silly as it may sound to some, the majority of men worry about not appearing strong enough on the outside. Men don’t generally like being thought of as small and sensitive. They like the whole “macho” image.

On top of that, it’s not necessarily just appearing strong enough that worries men. They also worry about actually being strong enough. Imagine how your man would feel if he couldn’t actually open the pickle jar for you. Granted, he’s always able to… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry about it.

3. Being better than the other men you know

A man always wants to feel as if he’s more attractive, stronger, more fun, and just overall better than your ex-boyfriends. And to be honest, it’s not just people a girl has been in a relationship with that worries him. He’s also worried about making you happier than your male friends.

It may seem unreasonable, but it simply comes down to your man’s desire to make you happy. He’s afraid of not being enough when compared to those other men.

4. Showing too much emotion

Society and culture teach men to be strong and collected. They’re brought up thinking it’s not okay to be too emotional. So, when they actually do feel sad, upset, or depressed, they fear showing it on the outside.

Men worry that showing too much emotion will make them seem weak. And as mentioned earlier, their own weakness worries men. Unfortunately, this fear can cause even more unhappiness than they’re already feeling.

5. Not having as much experience as his partner

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As mentioned a few times, men fear seeming weak. Inexperience is another form of weakness to men, especially when compared to his significant other. He wants to feel as if he has the upper hand. That means having more experience than his partner.

And while we’re on the topic of experience, men worry about the other partners his significant other has had. If his partner has had quite a few other partners, his experience takes a shot and he’ll worry about not being enough.

6. Making his relationship work

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We often hear that women do all the work when trying to keep the relationship alive. But men are worried about making their relationships work as well.

They worry that they’re not doing enough. They fear that they’re the reason a relationship might be failing. On the plus side, worrying about his relationship means that the man actually cares about it. So, if your man worries, reassure him as best you can, but realize he cares.

7. Gaining weight

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Believe it or not, men care about their bodies just as much as women do. They just don’t show it. But a man still worries about things like diets and gaining weight regardless.

He wants his body to appear toned and in-shape. He fears any negative body change but isn’t allowed the same outlet for expression as a woman is. If you’re dating a man who might be worried about his weight, it’s important that you help him find healthy ways to deal with that fear.

8. His facial hair

While it may seem a bit superficial, men often worry about their facial hair. They want to appear attractive and manly, and facial hair is a huge part of that.

If his facial hair is too little or too sparse hair, he fears he looks childish, weak, and not at all manly. This is especially true now while today’s culture is obsessed with beards and “man buns.” Men just want to look like men, especially to their women.

9. Body hair

This fear fits right in with all of the other appearance fears that men might have. However, a man will likely never admit to being concerned about his body hair.

If he has too little body hair, he’ll worry about not appearing manly or macho enough. But if he has too much body hair, he’ll worry about looking unattractive or messy. Men also worry about what to do with their body hair. They’ll worry about seeming too feminine if they go get it waxed but too unkept if they continue to grow it.

10. Not being tall enough

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A man’s height is yet another one of those traits that play into being strong. Especially when compared to his partner, a man wants to be taller. Being taller than others is a form of being more dominant.

Unfortunately, having a man who is taller than them is one of the main physical qualities women will search for. So, a man has no choice but to worry that he’s not tall enough to please a woman.