10 Shocking Theories That Show The Other Side of History

While most of us don’t think we would believe conspiracy theories, some of them seem more based in fact than the truth. Here are some of the most believable conspiracy theories around:

Titanic Sinking Theories


According to this theory, the sunken ship was the Olympic, an identical ship to the Titanic. The Olympic was constructed a year before and was accidentally damaged with no insurance to cover the costs. So, after getting insurance for the Olympic, they switched the two ships. They wanted to send the damaged Olympic instead of the new Titanic, fake the crash in the sea, evacuate the passengers to the nearest ships, and easily get the insurance money. But the passengers died in the crash unexpectedly.


Another theory claims the Titanic suffered a fire prior to departure. In the above photo, the sides of the coal bunker are marked with big dark spots that might indicate an internal fire. John Dilley, the fireman of the ship, told in his interview that there was a 5-day long fire in bunker 6. This story was suppressed to save the company’s status. After the fire, the burning-hot outer hull of the ship could not stand the hit by the iceberg.


Yet another theory says that the Unlucky Mummy, a famous Ancient Egyptian artifact from the British Museum, was part of Lord Canterville’s luggage on the Titanic. The artifact is mainly famous for bringing misfortune to the collector, as well as to previous owners. The inside wall of the mummy-board said: “Leave the oblivion, and conquer those on your way with one sharp look.”

Chronology Mixups


In Issac Newton’s monumental work The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, there were a lot of chronological mismatches. For example, there is a huge disambiguation about the total number of Egyptian Pharaohs: the lists of rulers differ one from another.

Jean-François Champollion, a founding figure in the field of Egyptology, found the name of the Pharaoh Shoshenq I in the Bible and marked the beginning of the chronology of Ancient Egypt. This started a whole 3 centuries of chronology that do not even refer to Egypt.

The Old Russian State of Kiev Rus confuses historians too. In the 6th century, Kiev was the first Slavic settlement. 3 centuries later, it suddenly became a big capital. Not much was mentioned in the chronicles of the state. Where did 300 years of historic events go? One of the theories is that Nestor the Chronicler, a well-known author of the earliest East Slavic chronicle, wrote the book on orders from Vladimir II Monomakh.


The Carolingian dynasty is a historical phantom too. Historian Heribert Illig strongly believes that the first recognized Emperor, Charles the Great, didn’t exist. And archaeologists failed to find anything on the territory of modern-day Germany that belonged to this dynasty, despite numerous mentions of their castles in the chronicles.

The Sphinx


The Sphinx is commonly believed to have been built during the reign of Pharaoh Khafre in 25 BC. However, in 1857, the Stele of Revealing was discovered in Giza. The translation of the text on the Stele says that Pharaoh Khafre commanded to restore the Great Sphinx, not build a new one. So we may be dealing with an even older monument than was once believed.

The deep furrows on the Sphinx’s body were proved to be the remains of water erosion. But the weather in Egypt had not been so rainy for at least 8,000 years–leading to the conclusion that the Sphinx is older than 8,000 years. But, suspiciously, after the publication of this investigation, the Egyptian authorities organized the restoration of the eroded Sphinx parts, and the Stele of Revealing was taken out of the museum exposition.

Fortune Hunting in Troy


It is commonly believed that the city of Troy was most likely situated on the Turkish hill Hisarlik and later discovered by archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. However, his colleagues doubted his discovery and considered him to be a fortune hunter. Now, there is a theory that Schliemann self-promoted his own discoveries: he found similar ancient ruins and buried a cache of gold. Additionally, museums have had significant doubts about the authenticity of the Priam’s Treasure found there.

Pearl Harbor

Touchstone Photos

One theory suggests that Franklin D. Roosevelt understood that the only way to influence world history was to interfere in World War II, although American society strongly held different opinions. He provoked the Japanese to attack and knew they were going to attack when they removed their ships from the harbor.

Michael Jackson Faked His Death


Several days before his death, he seemed well. Many people don’t believe he is dead, and think he moved to Bahrain. The person who called 911 was very calm and did not even mention Jackson’s name. The security camera recordings disappeared, as did Michael Jackson’s doctor after announcing the news. His coffin was closed during the funeral, and members of the family may not have been crying for real. He wrote about faking his death in his diary. For many years before his death, Jackson liked to spend long periods of time in Bahrain and considered moving there.