12 Sad Signs That Indicate You Are Not Your Partner’s Special One Anymore

Do you feel like there’s no chemistry between you and your partner anymore? Did your relationship lose that sparkle or you just feel that there’s just something wrong about your relationship? That all could be due to the fact that your partner has stopped loving you.

Here are 12 sad signs that indicate your partner doesn’t love you anymore:

1. The Phone Comes First


Are they spending time on their phone when they are with you? They don’t even look at you when they are on the phone?

Well, that’s probably because their phone became more important to them than you.

2. Blaming You


Is your partner always blaming you for their mistakes? Do they blame you for the littlest things?

You should know that when your partner starts to blame you for the littlest things, they don’t want you in their life anymore.

3. Focus Isn’t On You Anymore

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If random people become more important to your partner all of a sudden, then your partner doesn’t find you important anymore.

Partners sometimes deliberately put the focus on other people instead of focusing on you to show you how much they find you unimportant.

4. Talking Less


If they start communicating less than usual with you, that’s a telltale sign there’s no more love in them for you.

5. Not Spending Time With You

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In the beginning of your relationship, they were always there for you, but now they can’t even find an hour to spend with you.

This means that they aren’t into you anymore. They probably found someone else to spend hours with of quality time.

6. Indifference

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If they are indifferent when they are around you, they don’t have feelings for you anymore.

7. Not Supporting You


Another telltale sign that they stopped loving you is if they stop supporting your ideas and decisions.

8. You Aren’t In Their Plans

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Are you left out from their long-term and short-term plans? If so, they probably don’t want you to be a part of their life anymore.

9. They Tried to Hit You

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You don’t hit the persons you love, right? If they tried to hit you a couple of times, they not only stopped loving you, but they started to hate you.

10. Avoiding Explanations

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If they don’t feel like giving you important explanations, such as where are they going, what will they do, etc., they think you aren’t worth knowing that things. You aren’t a part of their life anymore and you don’t have to know things about them anymore.

11. Wanting to be Alone

When two people love each other they spend time together, right? If your significant other wants to spend more time alone than with you, they have no interest in you anymore.

12. Not Trusting You

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If they stopped trusting every word you say, they stopped loving you as well. When your partner doubts your intentions, that’s always a sign they aren’t into you anymore.