12 Weird Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

People all around the world admire American people and the United States in general. But, there are still some things that non-American people find baffling about the American lifestyle. Some things that only Americans do are considered weird in other parts of the world.

Let’s see what those things Americans do are baffling to non-Americans:

1. There’s Just Too Much Water in Toilet Bowls

Aunty Acid

2. Those Weird Sports American High School Students Play

Aunty Acid

3. Odd Date Order

Aunty Acid

4. Washing Machine in the Kitchen

Aunty Acid

5. Isn’t Tap Water the Same as Bottled Water?

Virility Protocol

6. The American Flag on Every Single House


7. Sweet Bread. How Can You Eat That?

Creative Culinary

8. Bacon and Eggs For Breakfast Every Day


9. Legally an Adult at the Age of 21

BBC America

10. Referring to Toilet as Restroom


11. Only Two Weeks of Work Holidays

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12. Complex TV Show Timings