13 Handy Hacks That Could Actually Save Your Life One Day

You never know when things could go wrong so you should know these 13 handy hacks that could save your life one day:

1. Keep Your Car Keys on Your Night Table


If anyone raids your home, just press the panic button on your car keys. This will alert people in your neighborhood and scare the raider away.

2. Lost in the Woods

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The first thing you should do if you find yourself lost in the foods is to find a shelter. The next thing you should do is to find a water source.

3. Trust Your Instincts


Always pay attention to your instincts because they always tell you danger is ahead.

4. Never Pull a Weapon


You should never pull a weapon on someone because that could end your fight with someone with lethal consequences.

5.Don’t Text and Walk

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Texting while walking is a dangerous practice many people employ today. People who text and walk aren’t aware that a car could run over them while they text and walk. Someone could also steal your phone while you textwalk because you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings!

6. Always Walk with Your Car Keys at an Empty Parking Lot


This way, you can immediately drive off if someone tries to attack you on an empty parking lot!

7. Building on Fire


If you ever find yourself in a house that’s on fire, get down on the floor and start to crawl. You should do this because you’ll have more oxygen on the floor and increase your chance of surviving inside a building on fire.

8. Surviving a Riptide


Swim parallel to the shore if a riptide gets you. By doing this, you will prevent a riptide from sweeping you away.

9. Meeting a Hostile Person


If you ever encounter a person that begins to act hostile toward you, run as fast as you can from that person. Your flight-or-fight system will help you run as fast as you can from that person!

10. Walking Downstairs


Never walk downstairs with hands in your pockets? Why? Because if you trip and fall, you won’t be able to land on your arms and thereby save yourself from serious injuries.

11. Make a Call in Taxi


If your taxi driver starts to act suspiciously, make a call to a close friend. Tell them you’re in a cab and your current whereabouts. This will scare that suspicious taxi driver!

12. If someone attacks you…


…kick them in the groin if you can and run away! This will give you some time to run away from your attacker.

13. Stranger in Your Car

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Never drive that stranger in your car to their desired destination. Just drive your car into a post to disable it completely. This will draw attention to the situation and make that stranger in your car run away as fast as they can!