15 Baby Names You’ve Never Heard But Must Consider

When it comes to baby names, it could feel like there’s never anything nothing new under the sun. Because we’re living in the age of technology, it feels like it’s getting more and more difficult to come up with names that are very unique, since everyone else is searching for the same ideas.

1. Aris: I couldn’t find a meaning for the name Aris, but I still think it has great potential.

2. Cadman: means “Warrior.” Caedmon has been done, but Cadman feels a bit more cool and interesting — although both are admirable names.

3. Reeve: means “an English occupational name, bailiff.” Reece has been done already, but Reeve? Now that’s got a different feel to it. The name is both genders, but I find it especially adorable for a baby girl.

4. Waller: meanings (German) “Army ruler,” (English) “Mason.” I don’t know what it is about this name, but I really think it’s kind of refreshing. Definitely not one you’d forget!

5. Arrington: Another name I wasn’t able to track down a meaning for – likely a name that someone invented – that I stumbled upon from a random names forum. Seriously though – there are so many name pearls in these forums! Could be a charming name for a boy or a girl and I like the possibility of having “Arri” as a nickname.

6. Sender: means “an English occupational name.” This has such a bad-boy ring to it and would be excellent for a little man.

7. Camber: This one is really a newer “made up” name; a mixture of Cameron and Amber. I saw it pop up in a baby names forum I was browsing and thought it was kind of appealing.

8. Anselm: means “With divine protection.” This is a name of German descent and has a general feel without being over-the-top or too strange.

9. Hagan: means “Little fire.” I think this one is just adorable. I’m pretty sure I’ve also heard this as a last name, but I actually really like it as a first name.

10. Neva: means “Spanish, white snow”. I’ve been hearing of the name Nera lately and the name Eva and this feels like an excellent blend of the couple.

11. Sem: means “Name.” Apparently, this name is popular in the Netherlands, but I’d never heard of it before. Seems like an unusual twist on the more typical Sam.

12. Thessaly: means “Greek place name.” I really adore this one. I saw some people talking it in a baby names forum and I was immediately drawn to it.

13. Jovie: Apparently Jovie is another invented name, but it’s so attractive. If you’ve seen the Christmas movie “Elf,” then you’ve heard this name already, but other than that, I’d never heard of it.

14. Marin: (pronounced: mare-in), means “Latin, of the sea.” I think this would be a fresh and modern take on Marie or Mary – notably if those happen to be family names you’d like to use in an refreshed way.

15. Berwin: means “Bright Friend.” I’ve heard of Bronwyn and Bertrum, but I’ve never heard of Berwin, and I kind of love it. It has a nerdy chic ring to it.

Image via Samantha Haring