15 Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That You Never Knew About People

Learning something new about ourselves is an amazing thing so we’ve decided to bring you up with some awesome psychological facts that’ll blow your mind off.

Here are 15 mind-blowing psychological facts about people that you should know:

1. Ordering at a Restaurant

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You can tell a lot about people’s character by the way they treat restaurant staff. If they are rude toward restaurant staff, the chances are high they have a low opinion of everyone in their surroundings.

2. Male Voice

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Did you know that women are more attracted to men who have a deep, husky voice than to men who have a soft voice? That’s because women perceive men with deep husky voices as confident and manly.

3. Handwriting

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If you have a sloppy handwriting, be proud of that! Sloppy handwriting indicates that a person is intelligent and thinks fast!

4. Friendships

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Friendships that were born between the ages of 16 and 28 are likely to be everlasting and robust.

5. Pieces of Advice

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Modern psychology tells us that people who give the best pieces of advice are the loneliest ones among us.

6. Phobias and Happiness


If you want to be happy, do things that scare you! Doing something that scares you will activate happiness areas in your brain.

7. Text Messages


“Good morning” and “good night” text messages trigger the release of happy hormones.

8. Men and Jokes

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Men aren’t anyhow funnier than women. They just have a tendency to tell more jokes than women.

9. High-Frequency Music


Feeling stressed or anxious? Just put on headphones and listen to some high-frequency music. That type of music was proved to make people more relaxed and happy.

10. Pain


Did you know that women have more pain receptors than men, but a higher pain tolerance than them?

11. Best Friend


Marrying your bestie will eliminate the risk of divorce by 70%. Most people who have married their best friends never got divorced.

12. Traveling

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Traveling is good for your health. It increases your brain activity as well as decreases your risk of having a heart attack.

13. Intelligence and Friends


Intelligent people have fewer friends than an average person. That’s because intelligent people are picky and smart enough to figure out who’s their real friend and who’s not.

14. Holding Hands


Holding hands with your loved one decreases pain and triggers the release of happy hormones.

15. Loneliness

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Loneliness is bad for our health. Being lonely for a long period equals to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.