15 Practical Uses for Coca-Cola That Prove It Shouldn’t Be In The Human Body

When you think of Coca-Cola, you might picture the small, red cans of soda sitting in your refrigerator. It’s a nice, refreshing drink when you feel like having something a bit more bubbly and flavorful than water or juice.


The soda is sold in virtually all restaurants, from fast food to family dining to late night bars. It’s also sold all over the world, from the United States to Brazil to Russia. Even Coca-Cola’s advertisements hold rank as some of the most viewed ads in the world.

However, most people know by now that the sugary soda isn’t actually good for you. It may be a nice beverage to go with your burger and fries, but it’s definitely not something we should be drinking all day everyday – or even once per day. These practical uses for Coca-Cola prove just how bad it is for your body.

1. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Life Cheater / thespruce.com

Sure, you can easily buy toilet bowl cleaner at the supermarket. But if you run out of actual cleaner or you don’t feel like paying for an overpriced product, a can of Coca-Cola can do the trick!

Just pour the soda over your toilet bowl, let it sit for about an hour, scrub if necessary, and then flush the toilet. The acid in the soda will eat away at the stains and you’ll have a sparkling toilet bowl in no time.

2. Clothing Stains

Dropel Fabrics / businessinsider.com

Coca-Cola isn’t just great at getting rid of toilet bowl stains, but it’s also good for clothing stains! If your clothing has a pesky stain, just add some Coca-Cola to the wash along with your regular detergent. The carbonic and phosphoric acid in the Coke will remove those stains and deodorize your clothing.

3. Get Gum Out of Your Hair

flickr / lifehacker.co.in

Sometimes mishaps happen. One of the worst of these is getting gum stuck in your hair. No matter how it happened, it’s not pretty. Most people think that getting gum stuck in their hair means an awkward, unattractive haircut is in order.

However, you can just pour a bit of Coca-Cola on the gum, wait a couple of minutes, and then work the gum out much more easily. No unfortunate haircut is needed!

4. Bug Killer


Like us, many bugs love Coca-Cola. They’re attracted to the sweet, sugary drink. However, the soda can actually kill most bugs. If you have an ant problem in your kitchen, try spraying a bit of Coke on them to get rid of the problem.

5. Wash Dishes


Eventually, cooking will cause your pots and pans to develop some tough grime and stains. If your dishwashing soap isn’t doing the trick, Coca-Cola can help! Just pour some of the soda into the pots and let it sit for an hour or two.

Soon, the acids in the Coca-Cola will have eaten through the grime and your pots will be good as new. While this is good news for your pots, the realization that a soda we drink often can fight such tough grime is frightening.

6. Window Cleaner


If Coca-Cola can work on tough grime in pots, it’s a safe bet that the soda can work on smaller window filth. The citric acid in Coke works much the same was as the citrus-based window cleaners we buy from the store. You can spray the soda onto your windows and wipe it away to see the same results as a normal citrus window cleaner.

7. Defrost Windows

rd.com / trendingposts.net

Coca-Cola isn’t just good for cleaning windows; it’s also great for defrosting a frosted windshield when you’re pressed for time. Just pour some of the soda onto a car’s frosted windshield, wait a couple of minutes, and watch as the ice falls away on its own.

8. Get Rid of Rust

vollynpost.com / emlii.com

Rust is a dreaded defect on most metal objects. Most of us believe that there’s not much you can do to help an object once it has begun to rust. But rest assured that Coca-Cola can save the day again.

Dip a rusty wrench or screw into a cup full of Coke and let it sit for a while. The phosphoric acid in the soda will corrode the rust, making it much easier to wipe away.

9. Skunk Odor Miracle Worker

If you’ve ever been sprayed by a skunk, then you know how difficult it is to get rid of that awful odor that seems to stick and linger for days. Coca-Cola is a miracle worker in such situations.

If you get sprayed by a skunk, just hop in the shower with a bottle of Coca-Cola and pour the soda over the affected area. The unpleasant odor will be gone almost instantly.

10. Hair Color Fader

OfficialRainbowGirl / imgur.com

The good news is that if you have Coca-Cola regularly stocked in your fridge, you’ll almost never have to worry about a bad hair dye job. The soda is known for fading hair color.

So, if you accidentally died your hair a little darker or brighter than you expected, rinse it with some Coke and the color will begin to fade. The more times you do the Coke hair rinse, the more your hair dye will fade. Just be careful not to go overboard because the soda isn’t exactly great for your hair.

11. Create Beach Waves in Your Hair

Ellko / YouTube

Did you know that rinsing your hair with Coke can change its texture? A person can transform their limp, straight hair into curly beach waves by doing a Coca-Cola hair rinse. Just pour the soda over dry hair and then hop in the shower to rinse it out. Make sure to only use water and not shampoo.

After the hair dries, it should take on a curlier texture. This Coca-Cola hair rinse has been trending on Pinterest for quite some time now. It works best on thin, straight hair.

12. Compost Booster


Many people keep a compost bin in order to dispose of certain foods and items and keep their lawns and gardens healthy. Pouring a can of Coca-Cola over the compost once a week will help the microorganisms grow to be more efficient in helping your lawn bloom and grow.

13. Paint Remover


Coca-Cola can actually be used to get paint off of cloth furniture. Just take a wash cloth, soak it in some of the soda, and then rub the paint off of the piece of furniture. After the paint is removed, use water to make sure the soda didn’t leave the spot too sticky.

14. Loosen Bolts


If a bolt is screwed on too tight and seems impossible to loosen, Coca-Cola can help. Pour a bit of the soda onto the tight bolt, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off with water. The bolt should be much looser and easier to unscrew after that.

15. Pain Neutralizer


Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish knows that it’s one of the most painful feelings. There are some less appealing ways to neutralize the pain of a jellyfish sting, a bee sting, or a big bite, but Coca-Cola might be a much better option.

If you happen to have a can of Coke on you when you get stung or bitten, just pour a bit of the fizzy drink on the pained area and watch that pain become neutralized in seconds!