19 Tricks From Chefs That Will Simplify Your Life

Cooking is sometimes stressful, especially when you are cooking for several people. However, there are several tips and tricks that can ease your time spent in the kitchen.

These are 19 tricks from top notch chefs that will simplify your life and cooking:

1. Crispy Potatoes

Serious Eats

To make your fried potatoes crispy and delicious, you just have to microwave them for a minute prior to frying.

2. Making Your Knife Convenient for Cutting


To disable your knife’s handle from slipping off, just fasten strong rubber bands along the knife’s handle.

3. Keeping Bread Fresh

Kapila Bakers

To preserve bread’s freshness, put some apples in your breadbox.

4. The Best Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

If you don’t want the coffee grounds to appear in your cup of Turkish coffee, we have one trick to tell you how to prevent that. When you prepare Turkish coffee in a cezve, add a tbsp of cold water into the coffee and leave it on the stove half a minute.

5. Smells on Dishes


If your dish preserved the smell of onions, you only have to wash the dish with vinegar or water to get rid of the smell.

6. Keeping Chopped Onion Fresh


Chopped onions can quickly get spoiled. However, there’s a trick to keep chopped onions fresh for a long time. Just grease chopped onions with veggie oil and put them in a container.

7. Homemade Mayonnaise

Simply Scratch

If you have some sour cream and a hard-boiled egg, you can make your homemade mayonnaise. To make it, you only have to mix several tablespoons of sour cream with the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. Once you do that, add a spoonful of mustard in the mixture.

8. Prevent Avocado Browning

Well-Being Secrets

Once you cut an avocado and leave it on the kitchen counter, it will get brown. However, to prevent that, you only have to sprinkle an avocado’s half with vinegar and store it with chopped onions.

9. Preserving Veggies

Julia’s Album

If you want your veggies to last longer, just wrap them in food foil and store in the fridge.

10. Refreshing Baked Foods


If you want to refresh a baked food’s taste, you should heat it up in a frying pan instead of heating it in a microwave.

11. Stale Bread

Life’s Ambrosia

Before your bread goes completely stale, try out this recipe.

12. Frozen Wine

Singly Scrumptious

Yes, you can freeze some wine and later add it to your drinks!

13. Mashed Potatoes

Simply Recipes

To make delicious mashed potatoes, you only have to add warm milk to them instead of cold milk.

14. Tasty Ice Cubes

Raising and Fig

These work great in summer months!

15. Separating an Egg Yolk

Times of India

Separating an egg yolk has never been easier, all you need for that is a plastic bottle.

16. Leftover Maize

Pure Pellet

Never throw away your leftover maize. You can add it to your salads!

17. Rich Flavor of a Dish

FitLiving Eats

To preserve a dish’s flavor, heat the plate before serving hot dishes and cold the plate before serving cold dishes.

18. Oversalted Soup

Puck Arabia

Did you oversalt that soup? No problem. Just add two sugar cubes to the soup to bring it back to the normal saltiness.

19. Tender Beef


To make your beef tender, marinate it in mayo before cooking.