4 Amazing Products You Should Never Travel Without

Traveling is one of those passions that just takes life to the next level. Sight-seeing, trying new foods, even the adrenaline rush of running to your gate as your name is paged over the terminal speakers – they’re all experiences that make traveling so fun and addicting.

Whether you’re taking a short weekend trip for business or flying to a completely different country to immerse yourself in another culture, there are a few things you just shouldn’t leave without.

1. Deluxe Edition World Scratch Map

Forget pushpin world maps, this Scratch Map is the ultimate way to document your travels. It’s a map of the world covered in copper foil for you to scratch off to keep a record of where you’ve been.

Scratching off the foil reveals the colorful countries and continents that you were able to step foot in. On top of being an interactive travelogue, the map is definitely a statement home decor piece to impress your guests.

2. Lightweight Waterproof Foldable Backpack

The days of bulky carry-ons and unwanted baggage fees are long gone. This Foldable Backpack takes portable storage to a new level! The backpack has tons of storage room for all of your travel essentials but folds down into a tiny 12cm x 12cm pouch when you’re not using it.

On top of the its revolutionary transformation skills, the backpack is lightweight and waterproof, making it not only the right choice for carry-on luggage but also the best choice for hiking or camping.

3. Inflatable Travel Pillow

We all know you should never board a flight without a neck pillow. Even if you don’t plan on sleeping, the extra support is a no-brainer. This Inflatable Travel Pillow is a giant step up from the typical neck pillow.

Rather than uncomfortably leaning your head backwards or sideways onto a neck pillow, this travel pillow allows you to lean forward to take pressure off of your neck and spine. And it hides your face so you never have to embarrassingly wonder what you look like sleeping in public.

4. Quick Makeup Bag

Traveling with makeup has never been easier than with this Quick Makeup Bag. The makeup bag can hold all of your makeup products, so you don’t have to bemoan leaving anything behind because it wouldn’t fit. And when you pull the strings, the makeup bag closes up into a convenient, small, and easily portable pouch.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Quick Makeup Bag wipes clean with just a damp paper towel. So, if any of your makeup products spill or leak during your travels, it only takes a second to wipe clean!