4 Things Your Partner Should Know About You Before Engagement

Image via EliteDaily

1. How Well You Handle Money

Making sure that your significant other know how you handle money will most likely help the two of you dodge some disputes down the road. You and your spouse don’t have to handle money the same way, but you do have to be able to easily get through financial situations, regardless of how you spend money.

2. Whether Or Not You Want Kids

Whether or not to have kids is a huge conversation in any couple’s life because if will change everything in your relationship. Before making any rational decisions on your own, you need to make sure that you future spouse agrees or is alright with the choice you’re going to make.

3. How You Argue

Talking about how you argue is very important and makes sure that your house isn’t going to be the next World War. Getting married and beginning your life with another person can lead to stress, which could lead to a few more arguments between you two. Talking about things like your arguing style, what you want after an argument, and how to find solutions will help you make sure that everything is always solid between you both.

4. What Your Values Are

“Values” is a very general term that means numerous things to various people. To some, values are having a particular religion or going to church each Sunday. For others, values are more a lifestyle that incorporates something like vegetarian or constant volunteering.