5 Best Beauty Products Every Makeup Lover Needs

With all of the beauty products, guru collaborations, YouTube review videos, and new brands we see coming out every day, it’s nearly impossible to sort out what’s actually needed and what products are going to end up collecting dust in the back of your beauty drawers.

Occasionally, however, we stumble upon that beautiful holy grail product – the one item you can’t believe you survived without. These products are the true ride-or-dies that belong in every makeup-lover’s hands.

1. Quick Makeup Bag

There isn’t much to a makeup bag. It holds your products and keeps them collected until you’re ready to use them. Enter: HYGO’s Quick Makeup Bag. This cosmetic bag completely changes the way we look at makeup storage. Not only does the bag hold every single product you’d ever need, but it also opens completely flat to display all of your makeup. No more digging around through a black hole of a makeup bag to find the one product you’re looking for.

When your look is finished, simply pull the strings and the Quick Makeup Bag will close up into a small, portable pouch. The best part is, the makeup bag is mess-proof! Spilled your foundation? Got a big, black eyeliner smudge on the bag? No problem! It only takes a simple swipe with a damp cloth to clean the bag.

2. Makeup Brush Scrubby

If there was ever a product that could get your makeup brushes back to that brand new, crystal clean state, it’s the Makeup Brush Scrubby. The scrub mat is covered in different textures to get deep down into your makeup brushes. In just a few seconds of scrubbing, makeup brushes come out totally free of makeup, oils, and dirt.

You don’t even have to hold the scrubby – it attaches to your sink! Basically, you can get deep-cleaned, gunk-free makeup brushes with just one hand.

3. Sequin Makeup Bag

This Sequin Makeup Bag takes its core shape and design from the Quick Makeup Bag. It’s the same revolutionary lay-out with a dazzling outer upgrade. The cosmetic bag is covered in color-changing sequins. Simply swipe your fingers across the sequins to change colors. It’s guaranteed to make any makeup-lover stand out.

4. Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaner

Speaking of squeaky clean brushes, the Ultimate Makeup Brush Cleaner literally cleans your makeup brushes in seconds. All you have to do is attach the wand and then spin the brush in a tub of water to melt oils and product build-up away.

The cleaning set comes with different-sized sleeves to fit all of the makeup brushes in your collection. No brush gets left behind! The cleaner can even dry your brushes by rapidly spinning the bristles.

5. Floppy Blend

When beauty sponges joined the makeup force, the whole beauty world seemed to flip upside down. We all know a makeup collection is not complete without a blending sponge. However, the Floppy Blend takes beauty sponges to the next level. It’s made of silicone and will give you flawless makeup without even trying!

Because the Floppy Blend is a silicone blender, it won’t absorb makeup as a typical beauty sponge would. So, you can use less product for even better application. And, to top it off, all you need to do is run the Floppy Blend under water to clean it.