5 Top Toys Every Child Deserves

There’s no shortage of children’s toys in the world. Knowing which toys are tried and proven to make a child’s day brighter is the challenge.

Whether you need a gift for a birthday party, Christmas is coming up, or you just want to add a little fun to a child’s life, these toys have got you covered.

1. Squishy Corgi Plush Pillow

This Squishy Corgi Plush Pillow is the definition of soft. It’s made of premium plush material to make it the squishiest stuffed animal on the market. The large, cylindrical shape means this adorable stuffed animal doubles as a pillow, so your child can squish it, play with it, and nap with it!

2. Floating LED Soccer Ball

Parents and kids both get to rejoice with this toy because it’s a soccer ball that you can use indoors without breaking anything. The Floating LED Soccer Ball uses small jets of air to make it glide across any smooth floor. The disc’s outer rim completely protects it as it bounces off of walls and furniture.

This fun soccer “ball” can literally turn your living room into a sports court with no worry of broken furniture or accidental injuries!

3. Monkey Tumble Game

This hilarious yet simple game actually promotes skill and strategy for kids of all ages. The object is to remove the sticks without making the monkeys fall. Children get to experience anticipation and excitement while practicing patience and strategy.

4. Light Up LED Teddy Bear

Just when you thought your child had enough stuffed animals, no collection is complete without this Light Up LED Teddy Bear. The teddy bear is super soft and comfy and is filled with glowing LED lights. The LED lights even flow through a rainbow of beautiful colors on their own.

Not only is this LED teddy bear fun to cuddle and play with, but it’s also great for children who are afraid of the dark. The LED lights illuminate dark rooms in a soft glow to keep children happy without keeping them awake.

5. Penguin Trap Game

Mini games are a parent’s dream! They keep children happy while making very little mess. This Penguin Trap Game is the best of them all. Multiple kids can join in on the fun as they try to break the ice without knocking the penguin down.

The game lets children experiment with skill and strategy while working towards a fun goal. And because of the game’s miniature size, it can be played almost anywhere, from the living room floor to a plane’s food tray!