6 Handy Cooking Products That Belong In Every Kitchen

No matter if you’re an experienced kitchen pro or an avid boxed mac and cheese type of chef, we all go crazy for any product that makes cooking just a bit easier. Whether they’re saving time, enhancing flavor, or saving your fingers from cuts or burns, these products are must-haves in any kitchen.

1. Universal Clip-On Strainer

Long gone are the days of dumping your pasta into a separate strainer. The Universal Clip-On Strainer clips right onto your cooking pot so you can strain your pasta without even moving it. It prevents spills and burns and gives you one less bulky container to clean.

2. Silicone Stretch Lids

Speaking of containers, imagine never having to rummage through a tumbling stack of mix-matched Tupperware containers again. These Silicone Stretch Lids make that dream a reality. The lids stretch right over your bowl or pot for quick and easy storing.

The set comes with a variety of sizes to make saving leftovers a breeze. The lids can even stretch right over fruit and veggies, completely knocking away any need for an extra container.

3. Easy Pineapple Cutter

Never struggle trying to butcher a pineapple again! This Easy Pineapple Cutter makes prepping fresh pineapple a quick and easy task. The cutter twists right into the pineapple’s core in an easy spiral motion and then pulls up to gift you with delicious rings of fresh pineapple – minus the accidentally finger slices and botched fruit.

4. Garlic Slice N’ Dice

If you’ve ever cooked anything with some sort of flavor, then you’ve likely experienced the pain of chopping garlic. This Garlic Slice N’ Dice suddenly turns the dreadful task into the easiest portion of cooking preparation.

The Garlic Slice N’ Dice comes with a slice blade and a dice blade for larger or smaller chunks of garlic. All it takes is one easy push to chop a whole clove of garlic.

5. Heat-Resistant Inferno Glove

The Heat-Resistant Inferno Glove means you’ll never burn your fingers or hands in the kitchen again. The silicone glove is heat-resistant and water-resistant, which means you can literally pull veggies out of hot water without using a utensil.

The glove doubles as an oven mitt and a hot pad, protecting not only your hands but your countertops as well.

6. Quick Salad Cutter Bowl

Eating healthy has never been easier since this salad-cutting bowl entered the picture. The Quick Salad Cutter Bowl is the easiest and fastest way to make a salad. Just add all of your ingredients into the bowl, flip it over, and slice through the cutting slots.

The whole salad is made at once in the bowl – no need for an extra bowl or cutting board. That’s one whole salad completely made from scratch in just a few seconds!