7 Mysterious Things That Happen While You Sleep

1. Sleep paralysis

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How does it feel?: When you wake up at night and can’t move. Combined with this are terrifying hallucinations and the sense that there is someone else in the room with you. In antiquity, this situation was often linked with mischiefs of evil entities.

Why does it happen?: Usually, when we drift off to sleep, we are paralyzed so that we don’t sleepwalk and all that. With sleep paralysis, our muscles are “paralyzed” while our brain is still awake.

2. Falling onto the bed

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How does it feel?: Sometimes we have a feeling that we’ve been thrown onto our bed from being way above it. Afterward, we flinch and get woken up. Often before that, we have a dream that we are flying, stumbling, and falling — a pretty terrible feeling.

Why does it happen?: Sleeping is sort of like dying — your heartbeat and your breathing slow down and muscle tone is decreased. The brain “gets scared,” understands this as true death, and it makes sure you are still alive by sending rushes to your muscles.

3. Recurring dreams

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How does it feel?: Most likely, everyone has had unusual recurring dreams, which regularly follow the same plot.

Why does it happen?: Psychologists think our brain uses those dreams to point out something we didn’t see in our everyday life. These stories will repeat until the circumstances are resolved.

4. Sleepwalking

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How does it feel?: This situation is the complete opposite of sleep paralysis — your brain is asleep, but muscle paralysis does not happen. In your sleep, you can walk, clean, or even walk out of the house, which is usually extremely dangerous. In the morning, you won’t remember anything even happened.

Why does it happen?: Somnambulism happens in about 4.6-10.3% of the universe’s population, with kids affected more frequently. The reason why is still unknown. There are also no confirmed treatments to this.

5. A dream within a dream

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How does it feel?: This happens when you see a dream, then you wake up, but unusual things continue to happen to you. Then, it turns out you were merely dreaming that you woke up. This has been seen in the movie Inception. Upon watching the film, many people announced that they have experienced this event.

Why does it happen?: Esotericists think that if you have such a dream, this symbolizes your inclination to spiritual practices. However, actual science can’t confirm why this happens.

6. Sleep talking

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How does it feel?: Normally, the person who suffers from sleep walking has no clue about it. This condition is certainly not dangerous psychologically, though if you have to worry about this problem, you may worry about saying secrets out loud.

Why does it happen?: Men and kids are more inclined to this, and the cause is stress. The person’s mind is trying to hold back on whatever he or she does not agree with in reality.

7. Sleep apnea

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How does it feel?: Sleep apnea is an immediate stop of breathing while dreaming. The person wakes up as a result of this phenomenon. The quality of sleep reduces, the brain encounters oxygen starvation, and it becomes hard to get enough sleep. Arterial pressure also varies during an attack, which may create heart issues.

Why does it happen?: When you’re sleeping, the pharynx muscles relax, which seldom leads to a blockage of the airways. Smoking, obesity, and old age raise the risk of this happening.