American Horror Story Creator Confirms Popular Fan Theory!

Everyone loves American Horror Story, but I think we all love the fan theories a little bit more.

We’ve all pretty much verified that all of its seasons are part of the same world, with Pepper showing up in Asylum as well as Freak Show. Queenie has also shown up in both Coven and Hotel, so it’s essentially verified that we’re watching a bunch of different ghostly events in the same universe.

However, one fan theory has taken things above and beyond. After Ryan Murphy posted a very “interesting” photo on Instagram, it might just have been confirmed.

Check out the theory below:

Each season of American Horror Story serves as a different circle of Dante’s Inferno.

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With nine circles in total, each serves as a different sin, and whichever unfortunate soul finds themselves held in those circles can assume they’re in for quite some pain.

Murder House: Limbo. This is Limbo because everybody who dies there can’t move on.

Asylum: Fraud. This is because everyone in that madhouse is being untruthful, even the Catholic Church itself.

Coven: Treachery. This is because the witches were regularly lying and continuously back-stabbing each other.

Freak-Show: Greed. This was because murders happened in the hunt for fame and cash.

Hotel: Gluttony.

Roanoke: Anger.

Image via FX

And the newest season will be Heresy, according to this Instagram post.

So after Cult, we have lust and violence.

This fan theory is pretty awesome, to say the least. It also gives the television show an even better edge that brings everything together!