Ben Affleck Confirmed For New Batman Trilogy And ‘Batman Beyond’ Adaptation

When he first got the role in 2016, many hoped that Ben Affleck’s role as Batman would end after little over a year. Having taken the role from Christian Bale, Affleck has already played the iconic character of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad and the upcoming Justice League, but there were rumors he was going to be replaced.

But, Warner Bros and the actor himself have moved quickly to disband those rumors, and reports that Affleck has now been signed for three movies under the directing of Matt Reeves.

Warner Bros

And on top of that hat trick of films, Affleck will be making it a total of 7 Batman films under his actor’s belt as he will also play the title role in Batman Beyond. Insiders told the website that there were contract issues, but everything has been fixed and Affleck ‘will continue to be our Batman for the foreseeable future’.

When appearing at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, Affleck replied that he was the ‘luckiest guy in the world’ to be able to play the legendary Dark Knight.

He continued: “Batman is the coolest part in any universe, Marvel, DC, anything… I still can’t believe it. Everyone at the studio tells me I’m their Batman and I believe it.

“And Matt Reeves? I’d be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves. I’m blown away and it’s an exciting time in the DC Universe. I’m excited to be Batman.”


Although it may be a while before we get a solo Batman film again, Affleck returns to the role in Justice League which is due for release in early November. For those aren’t too familiar, Batman Beyond was an animated series with the lead played by Kevin Conroy.

It saw an aging Bruce Wayne retire and pass the mantle to Terry McGinnis in a futuristic, crime-infested Gotham City where old and new foes walk the streets. Warner Bros and DC have been working to get Batman Beyond to the big screen, but with a mediocre Batman and Robin in 1997 they opted for the Dark Knight trilogy – and who can complain about that?