Can You Get Over How Different Macauley Culkin Looks In This Recent Photo?

Home Alone/20th Century Fox

The people who grew up watching the first two Home Alone movies collectively cringed when images surfaced of our favorite McCallister family member. Dressed in a black leather jacket, looking rather unhealthy, people were worried that he was heading down a dark path.

You wouldn’t even be able to recognize that man today, with a fresh new picture of the child star showing him looking better than he has in ages!

It’s absolutely a change in the guy we saw eating pizza for minutes in utter silence, looking like he’d rather stick forks in his eyes than keep chewing. I’m not sure if that was performance art or just indifferent eating.

His career has been shaky since starring in the cult classic Home Alone series. He was in 5 films in 2 years after the second Home Alone, before a nearly decade-long hiatus from the big screen.

At the tender age of 18, he married actress Rachel Miner, but that only lasted 2 years. Soon after, he began dating Mila Kunis, with their relationship lasting 11 years. Macaulay, who has been residing in Paris since 2003, is now set to star in his first major film in a decade.

He’s back to star in his friend Seth Green’s ‘Changeland’. The pair met while filming for 2003’s Party Monster, and they’ve reportedly kept a close bond throughout the years. Good to see him looking better.