Coincidences That Make You Question If It Really Was A Coincidence

Coincidences are common place. However, there are some that really get your brains whirling madly trying to fathom if what just happened was coincidental or was somehow arranged.

History is full of weird coincidences, some bizarre, others epoch-making. Here’s our list of the top 15 apparently coincidental historical happenings. Read up and ponder away.
Honest Abe and JFK: You normally wouldn’t think so but these great American presidents do share some amazing and tragic similarities. For starters, both were more than six feet tall.

And this in an age when most men and women were much shorter.

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Also, both served in the military and endured genetic diseases that interfered with their quality of life. Lastly, both died on a Friday in largely the same manner- by being shot in the head by an assassin as they were seated next to their spouses. What a bummer!

Hosanna, it’s raining purple! George Handel and Jimi Hendrix are both outstanding personalities whose life and music helped transform the world. While they were separated by two or so centuries these two maestros could have been neighbors had they been alive in the same era.

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all too easy to believe that musical abilities might be contagious!

Titanic tragedy foretold: Morgan Robertson wrote a novella in the latter part of 19th century. Called “Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan” it featured a seemingly unsinkable ship called the Titan that was nearly as long as the real Titanic, lacked enough lifeboats and was sunk after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Prescience, prophecy, or plain old sorcery? I guess we’ll never know.

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The deadly Hoover dam: Costing an arm and a leg and taking eons to complete, the Hoover dam was state-of-the-art and proved hungry for blood. The very first worker to perish building the dam was J.G. Tierny on 20thDecember, 1922. While the last worker to lose his life exactly thirteen years later on December 20, 1935 was Tierny’s son. That’s enough to get you all covered in goosebumps.

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9/11 Predicted in video game: For gaming aficionados Deus Ex clearly needs no introduction. An FPS set in the future it was unleashed on the PC gaming genre back in June 2000. The game was brilliant and set in New York.

But there was a problem. It seemed that a game artist had gotten higher than a satellite on some unspecified drugs and forgotten to include the iconic WTC in the game graphics. To cover over the lapse it was made known that the twin towers had been demolished in a terror attack in the game universe.

The next year they were demolished for real.

Oh, brother!: In far away Hamilton, Bermuda back in 1974 a moped driver was killed after being hit by a taxi.


The very next year the brother of the victim while riding a moped was knocked down by the very same driver responsible for the accident. To add to the spooky effect, the driver was carrying the same passenger he was when the first accident happened.

The oddest collision: The year was 1895, and the automobile was still widely considered an odd freak and a novelty. In all of Ohio there were only two cars, yet these two like star-crossed lovers managed to find and total each other in what must be the oddest car crash in history. The crash did more than shock the owners; it also left Ohio totally carless.

Prophetic Poe strikes again: Famed novelist Edgar Alan Poe has always had a rather fertile imagination. Among other masterpieces he penned the Narrative Of Arthur Pym, which involved four hungry survivors of a shipwreck dining on their cabin boy by name of Richard Parker .

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Poe went so far as to claim that the novel was based on actual history. This was certainly not the case. However, the gods must have read the book because 46 years later the starving crew of a shipwreck ate their cabin boy. Who you guessed it was named Richard Parker.

The fateful twins: The king of Italy, Umberto 1 grew close to a restaurant owner. The attachment was born of the fact that the two men had apparently been born on the same day, in the exact same town and had wedded a woman with the exact same name.

A short while later persons unknown shot the fellow dead. This left the king deeply saddened, but not for long. Because that same day he too would be assassinated.

An ending from the beginning: Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated, and soon after nearly the whole of the civilized world erupted in flames. The Archduke had been shot dead while riding in a car with the number plate, A111118. The armistice that finally brought an end to over four years of previously unknown brutality and mass killing was signed on November 11, 1918. which clearly referenced the number plate- 11/11/18.

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A movie-perfect tale: Cast in the movie “The Girl From Petrovka” which was based on a novel by George Feifer, ace actor Anthony Hopkins was desperate to read the book and get into the spirit his role called for. Search as he might he was unable to find a copy.

He providentially ran into a copy of the book lying on a bench. Even more amazing the book proved to be Feifer’s personal one, which had been earlier stolen from him.


Napoleon and Hitler: an incredible mirror image. German dictator Adolf Hitler shares lots with his French counterpart, Napoleon. Hitler gained power some 129 years after Napoleon did. He also pounced on Russia 129 years after Napoleon began his own similarly ill-advised Russian misadventure.

It doesn’t end there. 129 years after Napoleon was defeated Hitler suffered the same fate.  And they even look alike!


Amazing doppelgangers from the past: Some of us have been lucky to see and meet total strangers we could have been related to, so strongly do they resemble us. There are times though when this phenomena goes totally bonkers and we are confronted with what totally seems like our identical twin. Or when a historical figure strongly seems to have been reincarnated. Case in point, motor-head Enzo Ferrari died in 1988. That same year soccer superstar Mesut Ozil was born. And it’s all too easy imagining both men as being the same individual.

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Canadian discovery of coral reef located near Greenland: If you paid attention in class you would know that coral reefs are normally found in the tropics. However, some Canadian researchers on a water sample collecting endeavor found one by accident to the southwest of Greenland.

The reef was nestled 900 meters deep and had very strong currents to deter all but the most foolhardy. Which apparently these Canadian chaps had in abundance.

Red gives you wings and victory on the sports field: The results of a study that stretched all the way back to WWII show that teams who wore red were most likely to triumph. On the other hand, teams putting on yellow or orange kits had the least chance of success on the sports field.

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A reason might be that the red-wearing teams tend to have more vociferous and possibly rabid fans ever-ready to yell their team onward to the promised land.