Brazillian Albino Twins Are Taking the Fashion World By Storm With Their Unique Beauty

The fashion industry has taken an unexpected turn when you consider what a supermodel has to look like to make it in the big leagues.

Image credit: Vinicius Terranova

Meet Lara and Mara Bawar, 11-year-old twins from Sao Paulo, Brazil. They have albinism, which causes a lack of pigment in their skin and hair. Even though they live with a condition that vastly changes their looks, they have a striking appearance.

Image credit: Vinicius Terranova

Their world changed in 2016 when their unique appearance caught the attention of a Swiss photographer.

Image credit: Vivincius Terranova

Vinicius Terranova made it a personal project (known as Flores Raras, “rare flowers”) to photograph the twins and their non-albino sister. Terranova wanted to display how diversity can be immensely beautiful.

Photo credit: Vinicius Terranova

Since this project, The twins and their sister, Sheila, have become signed models for Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids.

Image Credit: Vinicius Terranova

The sisters now have over 6000 followers on Instagram, and are expecting to be signed by even more designers.

Photo credit: Vivicius Terranova

Take this moment to never forget: diversity is beautiful!

Image credit: Vinicius Terranova