9 Amazing Robots That Really Exist
David Zhang

January 27, 2018

9 robots

We’re starting to see a strong uptick in interest from investors about robots as a potentially lucrative investment theme. Robotics are taking over the mundane (and not so mundane) tasks of modern life, and looking ridiculously good while doing it. The 9 cool robots are giving us a different look at what technology is capable of, as well as a preview of where robotics may be headed.

Science fiction has offered conflicted, often apprehensive visions of automated robots. In reality, robots serve us every day as problem-solvers, force-multipliers, first-responders, and even companions. We find them in places as varied as their tasks–from the bottom of the ocean to interplanetary space, from the operating table to the family living room. Advances in nanomechanics and artificial intelligence now allow robots to perform important functions well beyond our own capabilities, here we will show 9 very cool robots.

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