Game Of Thrones Fans Reckon The Night King Is Someone We Already Know

Before we start, we want to acknowledge something. We guarantee you that this article won’t contain any “Game of Thrones” spoilers so you are safe to read it to the end.


If you regularly watch, you’ve probably heard about the series’ evil character, the Night King. And we must admit, Night King is one of the scariest “Game of Thrones” characters ever. The way he looks and what he can do terrifies us.

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In the series, the Night King’s real identity wasn’t revealed. However, avid “Game of Thrones” came to a theory of who he may be. And the theory is pretty convincing.

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Fans have suggested that the Night King could be Bran Stark, the Three-Eyed Raven.

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That amazing theory reckons that Bran traveled back in time so he could stop the Children of the Forest from creating the evil White Walkers. In order to stop them, he had to become the Night King.

However, the Children of the Forest didn’t believe Bran who was already in the Night King’s body so they pierced him with Dragonglass while he was still in Night King’s body.

The most convincing thing about this whole theory is the conversation between Bran and the Children of The Forest:

Bran: “It was you? You made the White Walkers?”

The Children: “We were at war. We were being slaughtered. Our sacred trees cut down. We needed to defend ourselves.”

Stark: “From whom?”

The Children: “From you.”

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What do you, guys, reckon?