Google Has Predicted The End Of Humanity Is “Coming In 2045”

It’s starting to seem like there’s a new theory of humanities end every week. But this isn’t just some conspiracy theorist, this prediction is coming from the famous Google. Google’s chief of engineering, Ray Kurzweil has stated that he believes robots ‘will reach human intelligence by 2029’, and he believes that ‘will change the nature of humanity itself’.

Image via Forbes

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is pretty commonly used as voice assistants like Siri, and computers such as Deep Blue which has beaten grand-masters at a game of chess! They’re pretty limited to their uses in today’s society.

Also today, no AI has entirely passed the infamous Turing test which is a test that is constructed to understand a machine’s ability to produce intelligence that is no different from a human.

Currently, we only have AI’s that are intelligent at doing a specific task, but a breakthrough is supposedly going to happen over the next decade or so.

Image via Twitter

After AI is officially “mastered,” ASI – artificial super-intelligence – will be the prime focus. This is where machines are smarter and stronger than us humans.

This age of robots is getting closer than everyone thought, with Google predicting the robots will be just as smart as humans by 2029 with 2045 being the year that everything will change.

Image via Universal Pictures