Harry Potter Fans Have Just Discovered A Massive Plothole In The Story

The genius mind of J.K. Rowling has created a story of a wizarding boy called Harry Potter in 1997. Ever since then, the first novel about Harry Potter garnered seven sequel novels, produced eight movies, a theater play, and millions of Potterheads worldwide.

The wizarding world in Harry Potter is so enormous that it is believed to be the biggest fictional world in the history of literature. This also applies to Harry Potter fandom which is one of the largest in the world. There are millions of Potterheads out there who are fully devoted to films and books about Harry Potter.

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Some “Harry Potter” fans are so devoted that they reveal plotholes in “Harry Potter” movies on a regular basis. What’s even more interesting about those “Harry Potter” plotholes is that the Harry Potter’s creator, J.K. Rowling, always explains plotholes that fans uncover.

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Some of the plotholes in Harry Potter movies are obvious, such as why don’t the Hogwarts pupils learn No-Maj subjects such as Maths, Liberal Arts, and English? Why did nobody reveal that Ron was sleeping next to a man called Peter?


However, there’s this one plothole that has been just recently found out by Harry Potter fans, and it’s massive! This plothole is so enormous that it undermines the “Harry Potter” series from the beginning to the end. That plothole goes something like this:

When Harry’s moms and pops die on All Hallow’s Eve, Hagrid rescues baby Potter and brings him to the Dursley’s. However, he doesn’t arrive at the Dursley’s residence until almost 24 hours later, shortly before midnight on the first of November.

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Where were they? Hagrid says in the movie that the journey was quite easy, while Minerva McGonagall has been hiding near the Dursley’s property disguised as a cat, waiting for baby Harry to arrive.

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Why in the world did Hagrid take off Harry from Godric’s Hollow to South London on a flying motorbike when he could have just use Floo Powder or the Apparition? How did he dare to head off into the night with a little baby on a flying motorbike?

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Someone needs to explain this! J.K. Rowling, we are awaiting your explanation of this plothole? It just doesn’t seem right…