Here’s what the color of your bread bag twist tie means

We’ve all went to the store for bread and then once we got home, we realized that it was a little past its “sell-by” date. But guess what? The bread loaves are trying to tell you something and their message is in their twist ties!

The colored ties that keep our bread fresh and protected have a hidden secret: As it turns out, the colors mean that the bread was baked on a certain day of the week!

Image via Imgur

And if you noticed, it skips Sunday and Wednesday, to give the bakers two days off every week. This isn’t really new, the information has been all over the internet for years but a recent post from Tasting Table has made it viral!

Not all bread companies abide by this rule, some of the companies use bread ties that are all one color, regardless of the baking date. You’re not out of luck though, just remember the sell-by date isn’t the date that it was baked!

Image via Getty Images

Basically, all you need to do for perfect bread is to buy the bread that was baked the day before you’re in the store!