Hollywood’s List Of The Top 10 Highest-Paid Actress Doesn’t Include A Single Woman Of Color

Forbes Magazine has just recently published a list of the top 10 highest-paid actresses and some of the usual suspects are on the list. However, there’s not a single woman of color featured on the list. Forbes provided an explanation so they wouldn’t be perceived as racists:

1. The highest-earning actress in 2017 is Emma Stone.


She earned $26 million this year thanks to her fabulous role in “La La Land.”

2. The second one actress in the row is Jennifer Aniston.


Rachel, you can put on that big smile because you’ve earned $25.5 million this year!

3. The third-highest paid actress in the world is the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence.


Lawrence earned $24 million to this day!

4. Melissa McCarthy was placed on the fourth place.

Business Insider

The hilarious actress had earned $18 million this year.

5. The fifth place belongs to Ashton Kutcher’s bae, Mila Kunis.


She earned $15.5 million this year thanks to her role in “Bad Moms.”

6. Emma Watson found her self on the sixth place.

Hello Magazine

She grossed $14 million this year and all thanks to her appearance in “Beauty and the Beast.”

7. The last four places were landed by:

Vancouver Sun

7. Charlize Theron ($14 million)

8. Cate Blanchett ($12 million)

9. Julia Roberts ($12 million)

10. Amy Adams ($11.5 million)

Forbes Magazine was asked to provide an explanation for the lack of racial diversity on their latest list of richest actresses. The magazine’s associate editor Natalie Robehmed stepped out and said this:

“This year’s ranking did not include a single actress of color. Last year, Deepika Padukone and Fan Bingbing made the cut, but this year both failed to earn the $11.5 million entry due to quieter schedules, Forbes estimates.”

What do you think, is this a genuine explanation or there’s some racism among Forbes editors?