How to pick the perfect watermelon: 5 key tips from an experienced farmer

A summer without watermelons is like the sky without the sun. No one can imagine their summer without eating at least 50 watermelons during the three months of summer.

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Watermelon is the best fruit of choice during the summer months because it refreshes us better than a bottle of water. Not to mention that they are quite inexpensive.

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There is one little problem when it comes to watermelons: sometimes they turn out to be not sweet and refreshing at all. However, there are five simple ways how you can pick the best watermelon, as told by one experienced watermelon farmer:

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1. Field Spot

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The side on which a watermelon rests on the ground always features a field spot. The yellower the field spot is, the better and sweeter the watermelon is!

2. Mom vs. Dad Watermelon

Did you know that watermelons have genders?! That’s right! And each watermelon gender has their own qualities.

Mom watermelons are stout and round while dad watermelons are taller and longer. Momma watermelons are sweeter than dad watermelons while dad watermelons contain more water!

3. Size

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Size does matter when it comes to watermelons. If you thought that the bigger the watermelon is, the better it is, you were wrong! The perfect watermelons are the average-sized ones!

4. Tail

Never shop at fruit stands where tailless watermelons are sold! By a watermelons tail, you can tell their ripeness. The more dried a watermelon’s tail is, the better the fruit is!

5. Webbing

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Sweet watermelons have numerous webs on them. Go for watermelons that have black spots and a lot of webs.