If You See This Symbol On A Baby’s Crib, Here Is Why You Do Not Ask The Parents About It

If you ever see this purple butterfly on a baby’s crib, you should never ask the parents about why they attached it on the crib. Here’s what that purple butterfly symbol looks like:

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Here’s the story of the origin of the purple butterfly symbol:


An exasperated new mom was trying to soothe her newly born twin babies but to no avail. Desperate, she turned to another new mom in the room and told her she was so lucky to have no twins. That innocent statement felt like a knife in the heart to Milli Smith.

Milli was a mother of twins. A mother of two little princesses. Sadly, only one of her princesses survived.

The other twin princess died three hours after she was delivered.


Milli and her partner were elated when they found out they will become parents of twins. They even expected to get twins because they ran in Milli’s family. However, they just knew that only one of their twins would survive…

They knew that because in Milli’s family there wasn’t a set of twins where both of them survived.

It was the 12th week of Milli’s pregnancy when she found out terrifying news: one of her unborn twin daughters will be born with anencephaly.

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That only meant one thing – one of her twin babies will die soon after birth, in a matter of hours.

Milli and her husband decided not to abort their children. Milli’s entire pregnancy was wrought with emotion.

Milli said the following: “We were both devastated; knowing I had to carry both babies full term then say goodbye shortly after was very tough. Dealing with it and preparing for it was hard.

But the more we talked about it the more ready we were. I spoke about Callie and Skye on a daily basis at work and ensured that no one felt awkward talking about my pregnancy. I got to enjoy my pregnancy and got to look forward to meeting them.”

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Milli delivered her twin daughters at the 30th week of her pregnancy. She was already prepared to see her twin baby with anencephaly not moving or making noises because anencephalic babies aren’t capable of that.


However, Skye, the twin baby with anencephaly moved and cried. She was a miracle!

“We were told from the beginning that Skye would survive minutes and would not move or make a noise,” Milli said.

But the moment she was born, she cried. That was the most surreal moment of my life. She was crying and moving her arms and was just like a normal baby.

It was thousands times better than I had expected.”

She delivered her twin daughters at the Kingston Hospital in the UK. That hospital has a special room called the Daisy Room where the parents who are anticipating loss are stayed at.


“Lewis and I laid and cuddled Skye for the three hours and for that time everything was perfect,” Milli said.

“Lewis took Skye to see Callie (who was in the intensive care unit) and put them together in the incubator together just before she passed away. I wasn’t able to go as I’d had an emergency C-section and was bed-bound. This is the one moment I wish I had seen.”

Skye sadly died shortly after meeting up with her twin sister. That was her first and last time to see her twin sister, Callie.

This all is why Milli’s heart broke when another mother told her how Mill’s lucky for not having twins.
That unpleasant situation sparkled an idea in Milli’s mind that would prevent other parents who lost one of their twins to come into heartbreaking situations like she did.

She decided to start fundraising and campaigning for the placement of the purple butterfly symbol that would be placed on cribs of babies that were a part of multiple loss:


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