Illustrator Shows What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Lived In 2017, And The Result Is Magical

Disney is known for having some of the best “imagineers.” Their magical depictions of characters and castles is what draws us to these classic films.

The classic Disney princesses are some of the most favored Disney creations to ever hit the screen. From Snow White in 1937 to Elsa and Anna in 2013, these girls have won the hearts of many. The love for these princesses has even caused various artists to take a shot at “imagineering.”

Fernanda Suarez, a Chilean digital artist, for example, decided to give a whole new makeover to the beloved Disney princesses. Suarez started with Snow White, opting to give the timeless princess a modern mask. The relatable vision then pushed her to transform the rest of the princesses.

Suarez’s girls collectively epitomize the edgy-chic vibe that has become a staple of 2017. These princesses ditched the glass slippers and stuffy dresses and opted for the comfy-hip styles of Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

So far, Suarez has magically transformed seven of the Classic princesses, but she has plans to complete all of them. So, if you can’t find your favorite princess on this list, rest assured. The artist remains hard at work.

Snow White

Suarez’s Snow White keeps her classic colors of red and blue but definitely takes an 80-year leap into 2017 with her cold-shoulder style. On top of that, her effortlessly tousled hair would trigger any modern girl’s envy. It’s safe to say that modern Snow White would still be the fairest of them all.


It’s hard to imagine Fernanda Suarez’s Cinderella taking any heat from her evil step-family. Sure, she still keeps her pearls and pale blue silks, but that look in her eyes tells us that this Cinderella is no pushover.

A quick note of approval should be given towards Suarez’s attention to detail. The small watch on Cinderella’s wrist – obviously a nod toward’s the princess’s adventure revolving around the clock stroking midnight – shows us that Suarez knows her subjects well.


A subtle change in outfit and jewelry and Pocahontas is a brand new woman! On another note, did somebody say hair goals?!


The purple seashell bikini top has become a well-known symbol for Ariel lovers. It’s nice to see that Fernanda Suarez didn’t forget that staple. It’s also refreshing to see that Suarez’s Ariel dons some freckles. A redhead who spends that much time in the sun, obsessively observing the world of humans would definitely be sporting freckles.


I can tell you already that almost any fashion-forward girl would be dying to borrow that embroidered denim jacket from this princess. Suarez’s brilliant take on Belle leaves us wondering what the Beast looks like!

One thing’s for certain… if this Belle ever have any spare time in her happily ever after, she should definitely start creating YouTube hairstyle tutorials.


Disney’s Jasmine definitely has a style that is not easily replaced. That’s probably why Suarez decided to keep the off-the-shoulder crop top, which – despite it being an illustration of the early 90s – can be found hanging in any Forever 21 store today.

And, while this modern Jasmine cares for a common house cat rather than a tiger, Suarez did not fail to impress with her Disney knowledge. Take a look at Suarez’s Jasmine’s cat and then raise your hand if you remember Disney’s Jasmine’s tiger ripping off a piece of a suitor’s heart-printed undergarments.


With her edgy bob and statement piercing, this modern-day Mulan is the epitome of cool. Whether you favor Disney’s version or Suarez’s version, there’s no doubt that you’d want this girl to be your best friend.

All images credit to Fernanda Suarez