It Looks Like An Ordinary Drawing, But Zooming In Is Leaving Everyone Without Words

Take a look at the drawing down below. Does it seem to you that it was drawn using a pen by some random artist?

This drawing of a squirrel was neither drawn using a pencil or it was drawn by an ordinary artist.

Meet Paul Smith, the man who is the author of the squirrel drawing above.


Paul was born in 1921, and he hails from Pennsylvania. Soon after his birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a medical condition that limited him from doing a number of activities, such as playing sports, walking, going to school, let alone creating art.

Young Paul’s condition made the artistic flame burn deep inside his soul. The flame was so strong that he had to express the art deep within his soul. Instead of expressing himself through a painting brush and canvas, Paul landed on the typewriter to create his magnificent art.

Here are some of Paul’s best drawings he made with nothing but a typewriter:








How does he create these drawings using nothing but a typewriter? What’s the secret behind Paul’s drawings?

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What Paul does to create his art is that he basically uses the characters on the typewriter such as the characters “@ # $ % ^ & * _ ()” to create his art.

He created his typewriter art while listening to classical music. Paul could even recreate photos on his typewriter machine:


Sadly, Paul passed away in 2007. He was 86 at the time of his death. He never married or had children.


Paul’s artworks still ornate the halls of the Rose Haven Nursing Center in Roseburg, Oregon, a place where he had spent the last years of his life.

We hope that the story of the late typewriter artist Paul Smith taught you that people with disabilities shouldn’t be left out and that they can make a wonderful contribution to the world we live in.