Jimmy Fallon Read The Funniest Tweets About Why People Quit Their Jobs And It Will Make Your Job Seem So Much Better

On the latest episode of “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” the show’s legendary host, Jimmy Fallon, read some of the funniest tweets why people left their jobs. Here are some of the tweets that Jimmy read:

1. Damn girl…

NBC via YouTube

…you babysat the “Sixth Sense” kid!

2. That’s Odd

NBC via YouTube

Do you have a phone in the restroom at your job?

3. 1111 Reasons to Quit Job

NBC via YouTube

This woman obviously had 1111 reasons to quit her job!

4. No What If’s

NBC via YouTube

You’ll get robbed from time to time so bear with that.

5. Hey Yo, Give Me a Piggyback Ride!

NBC via YouTube

No sir, I am sick of and tired of giving you piggyback rides! I quit!

6. Brainiac Boss

NBC via YouTube

You’re a Brain now, deal with that!

Here’s a full video of Jimmy Fallon reading these hilarious tweets: