Man Shows How He Kills Up To 4,000 Mosquitoes Each Night With Genius Homemade Method

That high pitch buzzing noise, then that itching bite. Very few things, in the hot sticky nights of summer, come close to the nuisance of a mosquito. Many solutions exist for dealing with the odd mosquito: a plug-in for your room, net curtains, and sprays – but not much helps to deal with them when they are in swarms.

Unless you’re Dan Rojas of YouTube channel GreenPowerScience. His method can help get rid of 4,000 mosquitos per night – and it’s environmentally friendly. He has 2 main parts to his plan: a high-powered industrial fan, and his trusted dog, Rocky.

The $100-$300 fans help to trap the mosquitoes in the thousands overnight, with a mesh placed over the fans to stop anything interrupting their flow. The mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is of course emitted by humans and animals. To help this, Rojas places Rocky in a cage between two sets of fans.

The pit bull, he maintains, never gets bitten and always sleeps indoors at night. And when Rocky isn’t available, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals could also help.

If animals aren’t to hand, then anyone can set up this little trick using a bottle of soda water, opened somewhat to allow the CO2 bubbles to leak out. Rojas insists he has caught around 8,000 mosquitos over a 2-night spell, but this method alone isn’t enough to kill all the mosquitoes.

For that, he uses rubbing alcohol, which he sprays over the insects. This finishes them off nicely and, as the alcohol evaporates, leaves no toxic residue.

And to complete the circle of life, and assist the food chain, Rojas taps the deceased critters onto a cardboard sheet which helps to feed reptiles and ants. Although the fan manufacturers warn strongly against leaving the fans out, Rojas insists he’s never had a problem in years.

(Images via: GreenPoweredScience)