Meet The Father And Daughter Who Used To Be Mother And Son

In light of all the stories of trans individuals in journalism nowadays, one family decided to join the growing trend and come out with their own decision.

Inside Edition

Eric Maison and his daughter, 15-year-old Corey, were actually born as mother and son. Corey who had always identified as a girl started the transition first, which inspired her mother who was born with the name Erica to transition as well.

Inside Edition

Eric explained that he had always felt trapped and identified with men, but he never knew that it was possible that he could actually be one.

Corey is one of five other children all born to Eric (before his transition) who had never felt comfortable in her own skin.

Inside Edition

After watching the television documentary series on transgender girl Jazz Jennings, Corey immediately realized that she was the same way.


‘Wow, I’m just like her,’ Corey recalls saying. ‘I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body.’She explained that she would always act and pose very girly growing up.

This is Jazz with a photo of what she looked like before transitioning.


That’s when Eric gave Corey one of the best gifts she could receive, which was her first set of hormones to begin transitioning.