Model Who ‘Transitioned Into Black Woman’ Is Now A ‘Beautiful Baywatch Girl’

This is Martina Big, a glamor model who hails from Germany. However, this is Martina while she was still a white woman. She now looks completely different.

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Today, Martina isn’t a white woman anymore. She decided to become a black woman completely, and that endeavor of hers was successful. Here’s what she looks like now:


She transformed from a white woman into a black woman with the help of expensive self-tanning injections. Besides she changed the color of her skin, Martina also augmented her melons. Her bust size is now almost the same as Pamela Anderson’s cup size.

Jan Haas/Barcroft Images

However, Martina Big didn’t stop there. She now wants to become a black woman by all means. That’s why she dyed her hair black and tanned herself even more.

Her goal is not only to be a black woman on the outside but to be a black woman on the inside as well.

Martina wrote on her Facebook page the following: “Yes, that’s true. First I just wanted to be tanned. But then I noticed that not only my appearance but also my feelings and beauty ideals have changed.

I find black women so beautiful that I now want to become a black woman. Please do not confuse this with a “black face”. This is exactly the opposite!

I do not want to offend black people! For me, the transformation is very important. Because I follow my heart.”

Martina claims today that she is an all-black woman. She says her heart and soul are now the heart and soul of a black woman. Being a black woman on the outside and the inside made her love her modeling job even more.

“In the past, as a white woman, for me the photo shoots had become routine. Now as a black woman, the photo shootings have become so exciting. I often wonder about my self in the pictures.

Being a black woman is so unpredictably great. I admired the beauty of the black women so much. That I now become more and more a black woman, this is for me the most beautiful gift in the world.

Please understand me. I’m not a white woman, with black skin and African hair.

I’m a black woman with heart and soul. Getting more and more the body of a black woman is so a wonderful and liberating feeling for me. I don’t want to offend anyone!

But I’m not only outwardly a black woman, I’m also with heart and soul a black woman, I swear that by God!”

There’s another interesting fact about Martina: she’s a huge fan of “Baywatch” and her role model is Pamela Anderson.

Her love of the series made her pose for a Baywatch-themed photo session before she changed her complexion completely:

Martina Big

Martina once again posed as “Baywatch” girl, this time as a black woman:

Martina Big

Martina’s extreme body modifications became heavily criticized by the black community. People of color think that her “blackness” is just for show. They say that Martina simply can’t admit herself to various aspects of being a black person just by darkening her skin.

What do you think? Is Martina just another show-off or she truly became a black person?