Moments People Got Extra Lucky

By lucky we don’t mean winning the Euromillions jackpot or cutting open a duck at a restaurant to find it full of golden eggs. We rather refer to seemingly trivial but no less important things. These can be life-altering, mind-bending or history-making.

Check out our fav ensemble showing how some lucky chaps got romanced by lady luck.

Fancy Noms.

imgur | drkiekin

Twin Heavens in one  
Future Lothario practicing his art 
Three for one

reddit | nativeofspace

5. Endless Cap’ns

reddit | mari_wanna

6. Extra finger-licking goodies you never expected

7. Extra ramen seasoning so your taste buds can overdose on deliciousness!

8. Shitting phones are we?

imgur | Mallcy

9. The best Lucky Charms ever. 

10. Told by her boo to pick just one Gusher, she did just that!

imgur | namormckenzie

11. Lucky, lucky me, am a lucky son of a …

imgur | iLikeJakeAndAmir

12. Pweety unbeweavable

SOURCE: redditu | jake_newton

13. The sewer wants to drive?

Source:reddit | ZSnake

14.Thou shalt not pass!

Source: reddit | pincheloca

15. Extra booze? Let’s get this party started!  

Source: reddit | lexgrub

16. A foodie wet-dream

Source: imgur | CaitRose

17. Lookit, a bullseye!  or nearly.

Source:reddit | probly2drunk

18. Must be your lucky day, champ!

Source: reddit | kr8zytiger

19. Look ma, three pop tarts!

Source:reddit | LOLindorff