NASA Will Pay You $100,000 To Stay In Bed For 60 Days!

It’s the job that so many Americans do best, and one we all wish we had full-time.

Boredom Therapy

That’s right, a job getting paid to lie in bed and do nothing is now out with NASA conducting a paid study requiring people stay in bed for 60 days.

According to NASA, the goal of the study is:

1. Understanding how one’s altered physiology in space might affect certain mission protocols.
2. Understanding the importance of physiology in the ability to complete certain tasks.
3. Preparing countermeasures against potential physiological impairment caused by the environment.

Not only is this the perfect job for lazy people, but it also pays well – $100,000 in fact. Sounds like the perfect job, right? While it may appear to be your dream job on paper, you’ll have to remember that staying in bed for 60 days requires you to do everything while lying down. Including going to the bathroom and eating. Though you will be able to play games, read, and watch TV.

Boredom Therapy

Not to mention you’ll be isolated from friends and family, though you’ll have access to text, email, and call them, as well as the occasional in-person visit.

The study will be split into two categories: Exercising and non-exercising. The exercising group will be supplied with equipment to use while lying down, while the non-exercising will remain still.

Boredom Therapy

Researchers will use the 60 days to do a series of tests on all aspects of the body’s condition.

Wow, I’ve always thought it would be so cool to work for NASA, and now it seems like it could be a real possibility. If this sounds like the gig for you, you can find more information about participating here.