New ‘Leatherface’ Trailer Is Here And It’s As Twisted As You’d Expect

If you’re a fan of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, we know what’s on your mind. Is this going to be yet another disappointment in the once beloved horror series? The first trailer to the newest film in the series, Leatherface, has left us on the edges of our seats.

Three sequels, a reboot, and a prequel to that reboot, and we’ve yet to see anything scratch the surface of what makes the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre such a masterpiece. Of course, this isn’t surprising, following the resignation of renowned horror director Tobe Hooper. Is this the end of the classic blood-and-gore franchise as we know it?


With the release of a second trailer, Leatherface seems to offer a great deal of hope to fans of the gory horror genre. The movie aims to delve into the beginnings of the serial killer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre storyline. The trailer includes a chilling scene where our teenage killer stands in the middle of a road wearing a dead cow’s head for a mask.


Leatherface is directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, two of the industry’s well-known horror directors. They’re known for the 2007 horror film Inside, a gritty film centered around a pregnant woman who has to defend herself during a home invasion.

Let’s hope their reputation reverses the trend of worsening movies in the film series, or they’ll have a hard time explaining themselves to the die-hard fans…


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