3 Black people slammed Black Lives Matter

August 26, 2017

You will hear 3 black people slamming the alt left and Black Lives Matter: “They want people to be angry so that they will vote for democrats.”;


Larry Elder
4% of them are white cops shooting unarmed blacks. They want people to be angry so that they will vote for democrats.

When Freddie Gray was killed,

  • the city council was 100% democrat.
  • The top cop was black;
  • the number 2 cop was black;
  • the mayor was black;
  • the AG was black.

If Jesse Jackson and Obama told black people not to resist arrest, we would have fewer things to deal with.

A black person with the same GPA and SAT would get into a school faster and easier than a white.

“The poorer you are, the more grants and loans for you.”

Larry Elder is is an American lawyer, writer and radio and television personality:

Candace Owens
I don’t care about Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy.

“93% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks, BLM may consider the slogan: ‘don’t shoot, we are already covered'”;

Only 6000 clansmen in the nation, does it cause a legit fear?

Candace Owens is a blogger.

Mason Weaver

“Black Lies matter”

“the black lives matter people became famous, powerful, they got a lot of money doing it.”

“Black lives was a lie. Michael Brown’s ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie.” “He was not an innocent bystander”

“don’t hit a grown man who carries a gun, cop or no cop”

“if every problem you have requires white folks to do something, then you think you are inferior to them”

“protest those black politicians in your community that were in charge for decades and did nothing”
“protest your inability to see the opportunities you have in America”

Mason Weaver is accused of being a former Black Panther in his youth, but Mason claims that his time in the Panthers changed his worldview about his political beliefs.

He is now a motivational speaker and author.


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