A Fake IRS Agent Tried To Scam A Cop And The Cop Called Back

May 28, 2017

Officer kyle roder is returning a call from the IRS. he was told he would be arrested if he did not call back.
Officer: ” you said you will issue a warrant to arrest me” ” Who would actually be coming to arrest me? Is it IRS? Or how do you do that?”
[scammer] Sir, we will download your arrest warrant through your local Sheriff department & from that department, they will do what’s required to do.”
Scammer: “I can like tell you my name, I can tell you my badge number if you want to.”
Officer: Sure can you tell me your name and your badge number please?
Scammer: Alright it is James Maxwell.
Officer: Ok can you go ahead again with your badge number and your name and I’ll give you a call back?
Scammer: It’s James Johnson.
Officer: I thought you said it was Dave Maxwell last time.
Scammer: James Maxwell Johnson, Sir.
Eau Claire Sheriff does not receive information from the IRS based on phone calls like this, this is truly a scam!

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