Angry Woman Threw Urine On Bus Driver

September 1, 2017

Angry Woman Threw Urine On Bus Driver
Metro Transit Police have arrested a woman who allegedly threw a cup of her urine on a bus driver and charged her with assault. The suspect said that the driver “said ‘Have a nice day’ all sarcastically.’

Opal L. Brown, 38, of D.C., was charged with assault for throwing a cup of her urine on an X2 bus driver.
Police say cameras on the bus captured her relieving herself into a cup toward the rear of the bus and then walking to the front of the bus.

When the bus arrived at the stop Northeast D.C., police say Brown reached around the driver’s plastic shield and dumped the urine. Brown then fled the scene.

The bus driver, who was an adult female, was taken to a local hospital for decontamination, Metro says.

Brown spoke on the phone with NBC4.
“I was provoked. I hate Metro,” Brown, a mother and grandmother, told NBC 4. “”I’ve been catching Metro for 35 years. They’ve never done shit for me.”

She admitted to NBC 4 that she relieved herself on the bus, but she said she hadn’t intended to throw the urine on the driver. “I had to go to the bathroom real, real bad,” she said. “I just peed in a cup.”

But Brown said that the driver “said ‘Have a nice day’ all sarcastically. She could have been more courteous.” That’s when she threw the urine.

She told NBC 4 that she felt bad about it, and hopes to apologize to the driver.

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