Polite Bear Opens Door, Strolls Into CHP Facility Near Lake Tahoe

November 26, 2018


Nov 17, 2018, California Highway Patrol (CHP) released a video. A bear was seen through a window standing on its back legs outside the Donner Pass office. he The bear had a peek inside and then pulled the door open. It dropped to all fours and wandered past a vending machine and into the office in Truckee, north of Lake Tahoe.

The bear could be seen reflected in a window as it looked around. Eventually, the bear walked out the same way it came in. Moments later, two armed officers follow the animal out the door.

This is unbearable! It could have been a grizzly situation! We couldn’t bear to watch!
It IS a bear den! We guess he doesn’t like your selection of snacks or he ran out of change. He was very polite one.
Police says they are not looking for the suspect.
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Another story on Aug 12, 2018. Police raced to evacuate animals from a shelter in California as the rapidly spreading Nelson Fire quickly approached. Officers from the Vacaville Police Department could be seen in the footage guiding dogs and cats into their vehicles as smoke from the approaching grew thicker. The SPCA later wrote in an update, “Unfortunately we do not have power or water at this time but all 60 of our animals are safe in foster homes for the time being.”


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