Biden gets lost, to Afghan 50 times. Econ Advisor laughs inflation. Pelosi pressure SCOTUS judges

May 7, 2022

On 5/6/2022, Joe Biden traveled to the Greater Cincinnati area to meet with manufacturing leaders at United Performance Metals. After touring the facility, which supports the additive manufacturing industry, Biden took a small stage with Ohio’s U.S. senators Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Sherrod Brown to advocate passage of the Bipartisan Innovation Act. Biden reminisced of the good old days when he would lunch with “real segregationists.” “Even back in the old days when we had real segregationists — like [James] Eastland and [Strom] Thurmond and all those guys — at least we’d end up eating lunch together,” said Biden. Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown just stared at Joe Biden.

Joe Biden gets lost and confused after touring Ohio factory where am I heading. He claims he’s been to Afghanistan, Iran & Iraq…over 50 times, which isn’t true.

Biden Economic Advisor Cecilia Rouse laughs after CNN calls her out on false inflation predications.
Biden Econ Advisor Jared Bernstein “knew” Biden’s $1.9T could add “heat” to increasing prices.
As protestors show up at private homes, Pelosi calls on people to actively pressure SCOTUS judges.
CNBC’s Rick Santelli “prices are not, and I underscore, are not, going back to where they were”.
CNN “a majority of Americans actually think president Biden’s policies have hurt the economy.
Sen Elizabeth Warren asked if those who paid student loans get reimbursement too, changes subject.
CNBC’s Cramer to Sec. Walsh “the working person is beginning to get hurt by inflation pretty badly”.

Biden Says Wages Went Up Over Past Year, But Inflation Crisis Has Actually Driven Real Wages DOWN, “One third of the core inflation we faced last year is because of automobiles. The cost. Why? We couldn’t make. We had a lot of buyers because wages went up 5.5 percent and people wanted to buy things. But why couldn’t they buy them? Because they couldn’t make them. Why couldn’t they make them? They didn’t have the chips. A shortage of semiconductors.”

For The Nth Time, Biden Tells Story About Amtrak Conductor, “Where are those two beautiful, young girls? Do you see these young girls here? They wrote me a letter about wanting me to help do more on trains. Well, guess what? Because of the guys behind me, we have allocated more money for rail systems in America than the entirety of Amtrak appropriation began the first. And I know about Amtrak. I’ve traveled 1.2 million miles on Amtrak, because I commuted every single solitary day, 270 miles a day, as my colleagues can tell you, when the Senate was in session.

you’ll get a kick out of this, Sherrod. I was — the Secret Service doesn’t like me taking the train because it stops too many places. And — and so I was riding home to see my mom, who was living with me because she was in hospice, and — on a Friday. And a guy named Angelo Negri, a conductor — senior conductor — walked up and said, “Joey, baby!” Grabbed my cheek. I thought they were going to shoot him. You know, he goes, “Joey!” I said, “Ange.” I said, “He’s okay. He’s a friend.” True story.

He said, “What’s all this I read in the paper? You travel over a million miles on Air Force planes.” Every single mile a Vice President or President travels, they keep a public record of, on American aircraft.

And he said, “The boys and I, we were at the retirement dinner up in Jersey, so we figured it out: An average 222 days a year, 36 years, a total of 269 miles every day. Joey…” Whether it’s true or not, he said, “One million two hundred thousand miles, not counting as Vice President.”
Biden gets lost, been to Afghanistan, Iran & Iraq 50 times. Economic Advisor laughs inflation. Pelosi pressure SCOTUS judges

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