Highlights, coolest tech at CES 2020

January 21, 2020


We visited the Consumer Electronics Show (popularly known as CES) in Las Vegas to get a sneak peek at all of the latest tech products. Thousands of brands attended to showcase their latest product innovations. We’ve collected some of the highlights so you can see how the world’s biggest tech show went down.

This is your place to learn about brand new 8K TVs, self-driving cars, groundbreaking laptops, smart homes and robots. Some gadgets you’ll be able to buy this year, but some conceptual designs won’t be available for 10 and in a few extraordinary cases 20 years, if ever, such as flying Uber taxis or this Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR. The carmaker teamed up with Cameron to create the Vision AVTR, which is designed to reflect not just a more sustainable vehicle of tomorrow but one that acts and interacts as if it were a living creature.

It was another year full of new ideas, or another year of improvement on previous years’ ideas. For example, there is a ping pong robot which can identify the type of spin being applied to the ball and can predict the human player’s behavior.

The underwater scooter can propel you along while you swim, snorkel or dive. There was an aerial performance by drones. There are robots that serve you in various ways including window cleaning Robots. You will also see an Uber/Hyundai “flying car”, and the Honda Augmented Driving Concept.

Delta is first airline to explore first-of-its-kind wearable robotic exoskeleton to bolster employee strength and safety.

Many women such as Mandy Moore and Natalie Morales joined as CES keynote speakers. Even as her credentials as a tech expert were being challenged by women in the industry, Ivanka Trump also appeared on the keynote stage. Ivanka Trump spoke with CTA President Gary Shapiro for nearly 40 minutes, highlighting work the administration has done with tech companies to retrain their workers for new skills. She has worked on skills-training initiatives at the White House. The hall was full, and she was met with applause.
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The CTA defended Trump’s appearance at CES 2020, “Policy discussions are a critical part of the CES program, and we host over 150 policymakers. CTA invites officials from every White House–both Republicans and Democrats–to participate in and speak at CES.”

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