A Washington judge chased escaping inmates

October 29, 2018


In a Washington state courtroom, two inmates Tanner D. Jacobson, 22, and Kodey L. Howard, 28, attempted to escape. Howard and Jacobson were last in line leaving the courtroom, and both, rather than walk through the exit to the right of the judge’s seat where inmates are brought in and out, pivoted and ran for the public door at the back of the courtroom.

Judge R.W. Buzzard removed his robe and ran after them.

Jacobson took the lead, rapidly descending down the four flights of stairs to the bottom floor — sometimes taking several steps at a time. The distance between Jacobson and Howard widened with each flight, and Buzzard closed in on Howard, grabbing him just as Howard was about to go through an open emergency exit door on the ground floor.

Both prisoners have been charged with second-degree escape. The only deputy in the room did not give chase because he had two other inmates in his care.


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