Praise for police officer who did not shoot two black kids divides America

October 23, 2018


In Columbus, Ohio, Officer Peter Casuccio told two boys, aged 11 and 13, that he had received a call about “two young male blacks” with a gun. The officer pulled his weapon but assessed the situation calmly, discovered the kids were carrying a BB gun, then gave them a very serious safety lecture.

“Do you think I want to shoot an 11-year-old? Do you think I want to shoot a 13-year-old?” asked Casuccio. “I pride myself on being a pretty bad hombre ’cause I got to be. Don’t make me,” said the officer.
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However on Columbus Ohio Police Twitter posting, large negative comments followed the police video. “And what lesson is that? That little white kids are allowed to own BB guns but little black kids can’t cuz we all know he would not have given that same speech to two little white kids.”

Another twitter user: “I thought Ohio was an open carry state? Why does it only seem like black kids get threatened with police murder when holding toy guns? If Ohio is open carry, why call the cops? I am just guessing here, but if these kids were white, I bet nobody would have called the cops.”

Another twitter user: This is the exact dialogue that needs to take place! 1. Stop unnecessarily killing black people. 2. Stop unnecessarily calling the police on black people. 3. Stop hiding beyond the “code” when you know others are committing crimes and hiding behind a badge.

Another twitter user: “Clown with a Badge goes on a tirade about hypotheticals and ‘what if’ scenarios to justify the quotes below. It’s literally this idiot’s Job to possess the skill to discern the difference btwn a kid w/ a BB Gun and a criminal”

Later in the video, Casuccio addressed the 11-year-old and his mother, saying that when he pulled up to the boys, the younger one pulled the BB gun out of his waistband, then dropped it. “He could have shot you for that. You know that?” the mother asks her son. “Your life hasn’t even gotten started yet, and it could have ended. Cause I wouldn’t have missed,” Casuccio reiterated. “I want you to think about that tonight when you go to bed. You could be gone.”

In 2016 in Columbus, the same department Casuccio works for, Tyre King, 13, was shot and killed in the back by Officer Bryan Mason after police said King brandished a BB gun.

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