Psaki claims “Republicans want to raise taxes”, MAGA crowd half the people who voted. Focus on costs

May 5, 2022

On 5/4/2022, Reporters grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Biden’s claim “MAGA is the most extreme political organization” in US history. Biden’s comments about “MAGA” come after he declared last month that the GOP “ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” saying it has shifted to a “MAGA party,” warning that right-leaning politicians “who know better” are “afraid to act correctly” out of fear of losing a primary election. Joe Biden went off-script during remarks on economy.

Reporter: The “MAGA crowd,” as he called them today — this was almost half the people who voted in 2020. Does the President ever feel that maybe there could have been done — he could have done more early on to try and reach out to those people? And does the extreme rhetoric basically signal that, you know, there’s no going back now and they’re sort of out of, you know, beyond the pale for him and — yeah?

MS. PSAKI: the point he’s making is that there are — the platform of and the policies of many — far too many of these Republicans — these “MAGA Republicans,” as he refers to them — follow the whims of calling out Mickey Mouse and opposing policies that will help make the lives better of many, many Americans who may have voted for Trump, may have been independent, may be Democrats — including lowering the cost of … But he is going to continue to look for ways to work together — and work together with Republicans in good faith where there’s opportunity. And he believes you can do both.

Reporter: Is that why he tore into MAGA today?

MS. PSAKI: I think he — I answered this a little bit earlier, but I’m happy to reiterate. You know, he has been struck by the hold his predecessor seems to have on far too many members of the party. And while he has always worked in good faith, will continue to work in good faith on addressing issues the American people have — whether it is bringing down costs, expanding access to healthcare.

Jen Psaki Claims “Republicans Want To Raise Taxes”. Psaki said, “Our focus continues to be on highlighting the fact that congressional Republicans want to raise taxes on half of Americans, squeezing the budgets of middle-class families. If you don’t believe me, you can check out Senator Scott’s website. I guess he’s called for that and we certainly agree; we hope you check out his website.

Psaki refuses to say if Biden would accept potential SCOTUS decision on roe v wade as “legitimate”. A reporter asked, “if the Supreme Court does move to strike down Roe, should Americans be prepared to just accept that decision as legitimate? And would President Biden accept that decision as legitimate?”

Psaki: Well, I can’t speak for what actions could be possible on the legal front; I would point you to the Department of Justice on that … what we’re really focused on is the impact this would have.

Reporter followed up, “So it — it sounds like you’re saying, then, that’s a yes — he would consider this a legitimate decision.” Psaki replied, “Well, there is not even a decision yet. We don’t know the validity of the — we know that this is a leaked document; it is not the final opinion. So, I just can’t speak to that hypothetically at this point in time.”

Hours after Biden insulted Republicans, Jen Psaki says Biden believes “in working with Republicans”, asked if Biden feels he could’ve done more to reach out to republicans, Jen Psaki waffles. Despite saying same thing for months, Psaki says Biden’s “primary” focus is bringing down costs.

Reporter: today, the President was sharply critical of the MAGA crowd and the MAGA agenda. Is that what we should expect to be his message going into the midterms?

MS. PSAKI: You know, he is so- — he has been struck, clearly, because he has talked about this — as you mentioned, Kaitlan — this morning and he also has made comments over the last several days about the direction of some in the Republican Party — the MAGA direction of some in the Republican Party. And he’s been struck by the hold his predecessor seems to have on far too many members — not all, but far too many members of the party. And what we’re seeing — the latest antics are — made clear that they are at war with Mickey Mouse … Now, at the same time, he’s always believed that — in working with Republicans in good faith and finding ways to do that. And he will continue to do that.

Reporter: And you just said “his predecessor.” Today, he seemed to purposefully say “my predecessor.” He did not say “Trump”; he said “MAGA” instead of “Trump.” Is that deliberate?

MS. PSAKI: Well, as far as I know, he’s not on the ballot. A number of his — of Republicans who have seemed to be under the whim of his predecessor are, so that’s who he’s going to focus his efforts on.
Psaki claims “Republicans want to raise taxes”, MAGA crowd half the people who voted. Focus on lower costs not inflation.

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