Same Questions Answered by Zuckerberg, Pichai, Bezos & Cook at Antitrust Hearing

July 31, 2020


On 7/29/2020, the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the market power of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google ran to nearly six hours. Democrats and Republicans asked the CEOs of those companies a combined 217 questions. This video contains only questions relating to Facebook and answered by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They directed most of their questions to Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Pichai, then to Mr. Bezos, according to a tally by The New York Times. Mr. Cook was asked the fewest questions.

Republicans lawmakers also questioned whether the platforms had muzzled conservative viewpoints and were unpatriotic. Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, asked the four CEOs if they’re concerned about “the cancel culture mob.” Pichai appeared confused by the question, answering that Google’s platforms have allowed for a greater diversity of voices to be heard before Jordan cut him off. “You are four individuals who have so much influence, it sure would help if you were out there criticizing what the cancel culture mob is doing to this country,” Jordan said.

Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Cook all seemed to agree with Jordan’s premise. Zuckerberg said he was concerned about “illiberalism” in online spaces, and Cook echoed that sentiment. Bezos had even sharper words. “Social media is a nuance-destruction machine,” Bezos said, in agreement with Jordan.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R–Fla.) asked if any of them opposed “American values” and demanded a pledge to continue working with police.

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This video contains the same questions addressed to all four CEOs. Check out our other videos for individual questions for Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon CEOs answers.


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