Cop Body Slams Adjunct Instructor at College Trustee Meeting

October 27, 2017

Cop Body Slams Adjunct Instructor at St. Louis Community College Trustee Meeting

In St. Louis, MO, Steven Taylor, a math instructor, signed up to speak at a college board meeting, where a no applause rule is in affect. Taylor stood to object to the rule, but was body slammed by a police officer.

Taylor talked about the troubling “culture of intimidation” he saw. “If I were a person of color I may be dead,” he said. He was fired from his teaching job.

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Steve Taylor, the adjunct instructor who was violently arrested at a St. Louis Community College board of trustee meeting, says he has been fired.

According to River Front Times, Taylor says he received three versions of the same letter from the college — one left on his doorstep, another delivered via UPS and a third sent to his college email, before he was locked out of it. All three made it clear that he could not return to any of the college’s campuses without being subject to arrest.

He later learned that various references to his work had been scrubbed from the college’s website (although a story about an award he received for teaching excellence still remains).

Taylor, a 53-year-old mathematics instructor, sits on the contract negotiation committee for the union that represents adjuncts. He’d come to the trustee meeting to speak out against the “culture of intimidation” he saw at the college.

But when the acting chairman, Rodney Gee, told the audience they were not allowed to applaud speakers in the public comment section, even though applause had been permitted during other parts of the meeting, Taylor objected.

He stood up and began to walk down the aisle toward the trustees, attempting to tell audience members they were within their rights to clap.

That’s when a police officer grabbed him from behind. The college has released a statement saying Taylor “charged” the table where the chancellor was sitting. Taylor has said he was merely trying to regain his balance as the officer yanked his coat backward.

Either way, the outcome is that Taylor was slammed to the ground. He was then charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, although he was allowed to go to the emergency room instead of being booked into jail.



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